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Thank you for visiting my site.  My name is BettyK and I have created some interesting quilt patterns.  These creative patterns are the result of working with quilts and quilt patterns for several years. 

Drafting patterns has always been fun and challenging for me.  These patterns came as a result all my experiments.  I have put together patterns that I want to share with others.  Many of them include newer designs, methods, and techniques.

Initially,  I was a seamstress;  but after learning about quilting, there was no going back!  Through the years, I have practiced precision piecing, drafting, designing, and many variations of hand applique, with my favorite being Baltimore album style.  My designs and workmanship have won numerous local and state contests and some appear in books.

Currently, I teach classes directing related to helping quilters learn how to use my patterns.  I have found my patterns have been readily accepted by my students.  They indicated that my directions are complete and easy to follow, the quilts are fast and easy to make, and they enjoy making the quilts.  I hope you find them as easy and fun to make as I found in designing them.

Patterns are available at wholesale prices.  If you are a business wishing to purchase patterns at wholesale prices, please send an inquiry indicating your request to .


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